All your work and feedback in one place.

Keep track of all your projects, versions, and feedback. Give feedback on video, images, sound and PDF — Envoy is the most complete and easy to use feedback platform for creative agencies.

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Online Proofing

Send an Envoy.

Instead of sending your file via email, drop it in Envoy like you would when sending a WeTransfer. Envoy will keep track of versions, and enable you to view feedback in context.

All your content
Images, video, audio or PDF — a great feedback experience for any content type.
Online storage
Upload your files straight to Envoy, no other tools needed (check plans for included storage).
Keep track of all revisions. Envoy will warn clients when they are looking at an outdated version.
No compression
Envoy always uses the exact file you uploaded; goodbye compression artefacts.
Add a link
If you already have uploaded the file to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, simply paste the link.
Password protect versions
If required, you can add a password to the link for extra protection.

Save time processing feedback.

The Timeline offers you a complete history of every revision. Great for viewing the progress, and great for accountability. You can see who viewed or downloaded the content.

No login required
Your clients will be able to give feedback via a secured link, no login required.
Simply draw a dot/square on anything: images, PDFs, even a frame of a video.
Unlimited feedback
Every comment is saved and archived with the correct version, forever.
Receive instant (or batched) emails or notifications when someone views a file or leaves feedback.
Feedback reminders
Set deadlines and keep the creative process moving by automatically reminding clients to give feedback.
Easy sharing
A client can simply forward the link to colleagues to invite them to give feedback as well.
Your client can download the original files straight from Envoy — unless you disable it.
Mark as done
Go through the feedback as a todo list, and check them off one by one.
Private feedback
Leave a private note or reply to collaborate internally, the client won’t see them.

Organize your projects like a boss.

Visualise all the steps in your creative process, and get a birds-eye view of everything that’s going on; where you need to follow up, what is running overdue, which steps have client approval, etcetera. And the best thing: you don't need to bother anyone for a status update. Never lose a project out of sight again, and seriously boost your team's productivity.

Custom branding
We want your Envoy to be yours: choose your subdomain, logo and colors.
Client portal
Keep clients and stakeholders up to date with their project’s progress, due dates and deliverables.
A client can mark a version as approved, which will show up in the project grid.
Project management grid
The status of all milestones of all your projects at a single glance.
A simple but powerful way to organize + filter projects (examples: "team 1", "important", "this week").
Branded boards
Set up boards to share projects with clients, freelancers. They can even be branded.